A new twist on a family farm

2019-04-16T15:17:45-05:00April 16, 2019|New England Farm Weekly|

by Sally Colby

Andrew and Annie Hubbard are breathing new life onto a multi-generational farm in Princeton, MA. Andrew explained his great-great-grandfather started the farm as a dairy farm, and the dairy operation continued until it reached Andrew’s father. After Andrew’s parents sold the milking herd in 2000, the family kept the farm and started selling wood pellets and bark mulch. (more…)

Can a surgical tool predict lamb flavor?

2019-04-16T14:53:15-05:00April 16, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Sally Colby

Those who raise sheep and sell lamb hope every customer will enjoy the unique, mild flavor of lamb. But when some consumers think of lamb, it isn’t always a pleasant association. Perhaps they had lamb that was overcooked, or smelled like a wet sweater in the oven. Many lamb consumers insist on having mint jelly with lamb, perhaps to disguise strong flavor or simply due to tradition. (more…)

2019 Mid-Atlantic Tobacco Growers Meeting

2019-04-16T10:30:57-05:00April 16, 2019|Mid Atlantic|

by Stephen Wagner

Earlier this year at the Northeast Tobacco Growers meeting in Quarryville, PA, hosted by Troop Consulting Services, Grant Troop enlightened his audience about understanding soil test reports. “What a year [2018] we had, with all that rain,” he began. “Tobacco doesn’t particularly like it wet. We highly recommend that you get a full-spectrum soil test.” Full-spectrum analyzes the sample for organic matter and micronutrient content. Such testing establishes the baselines so critical to advancing soil fertility management. It also provides information necessary for nutrient ratio manipulation. (more…)

The ‘graying’ of PA farm families

2019-04-16T10:05:09-05:00April 16, 2019|Mid Atlantic|

by Stephen Wagner

With the “graying” of Pennsylvania farm families, State Senator Elder Vogel has introduced legislation that encourages existing farmers and landowners to work with beginning farmers to help them get started. Vogel’s Senate Bill 478 provides a personal income tax credit for landowners who lease or sell their land, buildings and equipment to beginning farmers. (more…)

Farm finances matter

2019-04-16T09:38:42-05:00April 16, 2019|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

People farm for many reasons, from continuing their family’s heritage to caring for the land to doing what they love best. But ultimately, they need to make money at it, especially if they don’t work off the farm. Frank Wardynski, Michigan State University Extension educator, presented “Novice Farm Financial Management: the Next Level” as a recent webinar to help farmers better understand how their money management affects their ability to continue to farm. (more…)

Saluting soil health

2019-04-16T09:32:57-05:00April 16, 2019|Eastern Edition|

by Troy Bishopp

SYRACUSE, NY — “It’s not the soil itself; it’s the soil life that is the most important element,” said Permaculture Consultant, Geoff Lawton. This premise anchored the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York’s (NOFA-NY) 8th Annual Organic Dairy and Field Crop Conference and their theme: Healthy Soils-Whole Farms. (more…)

Beef cattle: Low quality hay

2019-04-16T09:30:37-05:00April 16, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Tamara Scully

The past year has been excessively wet in many parts of the country. Planting as well as harvesting hay at optimal times wasn’t an easy task, and the overall quality of that hay has been reduced. When faced with low-quality forages, farmers need to determine how to feed it, and to find other options to meet nutritional needs. (more…)