Old-fashioned American work ethic thriving at Griggstown Farm

2020-01-13T13:41:45-05:00January 13, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Richard Skelly

PRINCETON, NJ – We know all farmers work hard – yet it seems poultry and dairy farmers work the hardest. Fortunately for those who seek fresh and local in central New Jersey, the old-fashioned American work ethic is alive and well at Griggstown Farm. Beginning as the Griggstown Quail Farm in 1975, George Rude and his family have seen their business grow steadily to its current bustling state, serving retail customers, a number of New Jersey and New York City restaurants and a number of nearby farmers markets each week. (more…)

The ‘Vermont way’ at Templeton Farm

2020-01-09T13:21:29-05:00January 9, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

by Enrico Villamaino

Tucked away in the north of the Green Mountain State, Templeton Farm has been owned and operated by the same family for over two centuries.

Today, seventh-generation farmer Bruce Chapell is the patriarch of the clan. “The original members of our family came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. The Templeton family was one of the three founding families in the town of East Montpelier, moving from Peterborough, New Hampshire, in 1788. The farm as it is known today was settled by John Templeton Jr. in 1810.” Templeton Farm was for years a subsistence farm raising sheep and dairy cattle. Today, it specializes in producing beef cattle and maple syrup. (more…)

Starting anew by turning the page

2020-01-09T12:54:35-05:00January 9, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

A happy couple wearing plaid in the fallby Enrico Villamaino

Joy and Tim Bueschen were doing well – very well, in fact. As corporate executives based in Munich, Germany, the pair spent over eight years globetrotting and “meeting with success at every level,” according to Joy. “All the while we were becoming more and more miserable!” As they ascended the corporate ladder and oversaw ever larger projects and groups of people, they increasingly desired a chance to turn the page to a simpler, more rewarding chapter in their lives. (more…)

Component Merit Cow and three generations of Brown Swiss

2020-01-09T11:25:48-05:00January 9, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

Lady with cowby Laura Rodley

Friday the 13th brought good luck to competitors at the Big E. On the first day of the Eastern States Exposition, attended by 73,108 people, a Brown Swiss named Rocky Hollow Maiden Fern, owned by William Kelly of Kelly-View Farm in Winchester, NH, and his partner Nate Goldenberg of McGregor, Texas, received first place for Component Merit Cow during the 2019 Northeast National Brown Swiss Show. (more…)

Labor Day at the Lancaster Fair

2020-01-09T11:22:54-05:00January 9, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

New Hampshire’s Lancaster Fair has been an annual event for 147 years, and this year’s Labor Day weekend celebration continued that celebrated tradition. The event spotlights agricultural activities, 4-H exhibits, food, entertainment and competitions for all.

“On any given day in the week-long schedule there are activities, exhibitions, competitions and entertainment too vast to sample,” the Lancaster Fair’s website reports. “From the Alexander Hall, where vegetables (including the county’s largest pumpkin), flowers and Grange exhibits are displayed to the other end of the fairgrounds for horse pulling events, oxen skills competitions, sheep dog trials and tractor pulls, one can sense the pulse of the region, its history, its roots and enduring family values.”

To learn more about the fair, visit www.lancasterfair.com.

Sheep grazing with annuals

2020-01-09T11:04:03-05:00January 9, 2020|Mid Atlantic|

by Tamara Scully

Sheep don’t only have to graze perennial pastures. Adding some annuals into the mix, whether to fully renovate pastures or to add forages during the summer slump, is one way to maximize forage production without adding acreage to an operation. (more…)

Pony racing: A short order of the Sport of Kings

2020-01-09T10:49:31-05:00January 9, 2020|Mid Atlantic|

Young boy on pony being led by manby Hope Holland

One of the wonderful things about being a kid with a pony is the moment they feel brave enough to take that pony out and see what it can do. The ability to ride at speed underlines the time it has taken to learn to do things the right way to be safe as well as the ability, courage and trust in their pony the child has achieved to be able to race with their animal. (more…)