4-H teen leaders dream big in Wyoming County

4-H youth members feel this is a great way to proliferate the name of 4-H in the community and increase the visibility of the program throughout the county. Youth members also feel this project is a great way to celebrate the vitality of this amazing youth program.

Each sign is three feet wide and two feet tall and was designed by the 4-H youth themselves. 4-H youth also took responsibility for researching sign placement options in addition to managing communications with town supervisors and other relevant officials. As a result of their research, teens calculated the number of signs they desired to see raised throughout the county and determined the total cost of the project. In total, approximately 50 signs are scheduled to be erected throughout Wyoming County. The size and prospective frequency of these signs reflects the immensity of the 4-H Youth Development Program in Wyoming County.

Though designed by 4-H Youth, the signs themselves are being fabricated by the Wyoming County Highway Department and are being distributed to the 16 Townships in Wyoming County. An immense level of support from the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors has made this project move from dream to reality and the youth could not be more excited to see the signs begin to pop up around the county.

The Teen Leadership Program aims to invest in the leadership abilities of youth in Wyoming County through participation in hands-on activities. Some of the projects the teens are working on include community service activities, civic engagement and media reporting.

This program addresses a wide variety of leadership themes while maintaining a broad focus through varied activities. Students have the opportunity to engage with a plethora of topic areas and take increased responsibility for the projects that interest them.

With approximately 20 engaged youth members, the Teen Leadership Program has been a resounding success in its inaugural months and seems to be retaining consistent youth involvement. The sign project shines as the first major completed project of the 4-H Teen Leaders.

As wonderful as this sign project has grown to be, there may be even greater achievements ahead for the 4-H Teen Leadership Program. The “4-H Sign Project” is the first major undertaking of this driven group of young people, but it is certainly not the last. This group of young people has an amazing amount of potential and a collective drive to accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.

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